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Birthdate:Aug 9, 1974
Location:Mankato, Minnesota, United States of America
age: 36
location: Mankato MN
Quote "an it do as you will, harm none."

About me:
I am a half irish, half german lassy from the land of 10,000 taxes. Oh wait, did I say that? What I meant was, the land of 10,000 lakes, not to mention 10,000 mosquitos.
I like to tell everyone this as I am a straight forward person and feel that people should know this right away so that you can make your own decision about whether or not to accept me or not. I am a vampire and a witch. Yup, I practice wicca. I am a good wiccan, I promise. I know that some of you may be saying,"There is no such thing as a good wiccan." I'm here to tell you there are good wiccans all over the place. Most of them don't come out and say they are though because of the way that society is twoards us, not to mention twoards vampires as well. I won't say anymore about the subject though, I just wanted you all to know that up front.
Currently, I have three wonderful jobs. The first one is I'm a receptionist for an airport shuttle service called Land To Air. The second is that I am a DJ for this place I attend every other Tuesday night. I'm hoping to expand and become a party DJ for wedding receptions, graduation parties and other such celebrations. i have chosen the name of my company which is Live Stream Celebrations. The third and final job I have is I am a braille proof reader for a place in North Mankato called Taylor Corp.
Some things i love to do are:
1. Hang out with friends.
2. Talking on the phone.
3. Chat on IRC and other places.
4. Sing.
5> Cook.
6. Write poetry, plays short stories etc...

I am a collector of angels, dolphins, tigers, dragons, keychains, flash drives that are different shapes and heart-shaped things.
I love all kinds of music and love to internet broadcast. Some of my favorite bands are:
1. Evanescence.
2. Nightwish.
3. Korn.
4. Lacuna Coil.
5. The Beatles.
6. Inccubus Succubus.
7. Moonstruck.
8. Disturbed.
9. Mortal Love

Some of my favorite things are:

Actor: Alan Rickman
Pop: Tahaitian Treat
Time of day: Night
Season: Spring
Flower: Roses and Lilies
Musical instrument: Harp and Flute
Candy: Dark chocolate and gummy bears
Classical Composer: Vivaldi
Mythical Creature: Dragons and unicorns
Super Power: Flying and healing

I know, my faves are getting crazy but, that's who I am.
There is so much more i could write in here but for now, there are the basics. If you want to know more and get to know me better, just ask. I am always up for making a new friend.

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